BDTA: Find new music with the Radio Fredo app (review)

Belly Dance Tech Academy: Review of Radio Fredo app

Whether we’re professional dancers or just beginning, most of us are constantly on the hunt for new music. Sometimes this can be difficult, whether it’s because of a language barrier (not everyone can read popular Arabic music sites!) or because listening to song samples on iTunes and YouTube is time-consuming.

This is where a radio app can be a dancer’s best friend, introducing you to new music to play at haflas, use for improvisational exercises or build your music library with. While app stores do have reviews, they don’t usually have dancers in mind. In my first app review, I hope to touch on some of the many things that dancers are looking for when they seek out new music.

Radio Fredo

The channels page of the Radio Fredo app

Radio Fredo is a mobile app that gives users access to 20 pre-loaded Arabic internet radio stations. Because the stations are streaming live radio broadcasts, they can occasionally cut out or be interrupted by DJs. While it might pause your jam session at a party, it’s not a major problem because you can just switch to the next station. While Radio Fredo’s instant access to a wide variety music is incredible, it does have one major pitfall if you’re using it as a music discovery tool: no written out song titles/artist info! Most of the stations have websites or desktop platforms that have more song information (and Great Cedars even allows for requests), but these are not accessible from the mobile app. So far, Great Cedars Radio, Musik Oriental and Radio Middle East CA are my favorite channels, perfect for keeping me company on long commutes (and probably helping me get strange looks from my neighbors when I unconsciously start bopping along to the music!).

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Multi-tasking: Yes, runs in the background while you use other apps. Does not support pause/volume capabilities unless you are on the app screen.

Song titles/artist names: None onscreen. Some channels with DJs do announce song titles, but they can be difficult to understand for non-Arabic speakers.

What can I expect to hear? Pop favorites/Top 40, old classics, remixes. Mostly in Arabic, some French.

What kind of dancers would like this app? Cabaret, Egyptian, Orientale, Lebanese

Recommended by Najla? yes

Price: free

Where can I get it? Download Radio Fredo on iTunes


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