BDTA: Radio Bastet podcasts & app (review)

Radio Bastet

Radio Bastet (run by Marisa) is a self-proclaimed “Vintage Belly Dance Music” station that plays the best belly dance music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. What makes Radio Bastet so unique is that this music is all from vintage vinyl–yes, belly dance vinyl!–making it a great resource for hard-to-find or out of print albums.

In podcast form, there are over 70 episodes available, each featuring over an hour of fantastic music. Since these are podcasts, there is a little DJ narration, but besides that, it’s party time old-school! Podcasts themselves don’t contain song information, but the podcast blog page gives you artist, song and album names from each show.

Screenshot of the Radio Bastet Android App

Right now, the app is only available for Android phones. Here are the specs, from the app page itself:

* Streaming access to play episodes from anywhere
* Always updated with the latest episodes- and an archived back catalog
* Playback resume (when interrupted by a call or other distraction)
* Access to exclusive extras like PDFs, wallpapers, and bonus content
* Quick access to all the contact methods for the show like call, email, web, Facebook, and Twitter

The app includes song information for each episode!

Platforms: Podcasts, all mobile platforms and desktop. Web, streaming radio. App, Android-only, for now. iPhone app coming soon (pretty please?)! iPhone users can listen to the podcasts using the iPod app that comes with their phone.

Multi-tasking: Yes.

Song titles/artist names: Podcasts: none onscreen, available on the podcast blog. App: available onscreen!

What can I expect to hear? lush orchestrations, Eddie “The Shiek” Kochak, live recordings

What kind of dancers would like this podcast & app? Cabaret, Egyptian, Orientale, vintage American Cabaret, Vintage Orientale

Recommended by Najla? Yes.

Price: Podcasts, free. Android App, $1.99

Where can I get it? Podcasts are available on the podcast blog or on iTunes. Android app available here.


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