It’s “hip” to be a belly dancer in New York City

A big thank you to the ladies of for asking me to write a guest column on the top ten “must-dos” for any belly dancer visiting the Big Apple. Here’s a preview of the article:

New York City is every belly dancer’s dream. Where else can you find a city that allows you to dance, shop, and indulge your every sparkly desire 24/7? Here are some of my “musts” for dancers visiting the Big Apple.

1. Learn from a legend…or a rising star
I can’t even begin to try to list all of the incredible dance teachers who hang their hip scarf here, not to mention the pantheon of international dance stars who frequently come for workshops. Instead, here’s just a taste of who you can learn from: Morocco, the ladies of Bellyqueen, Mimi Fontana (Manhattan Tribal), Ranya Renee, Elena Lentini, Tarik Sultan, Dalia Carella…and many, many more.

Intrigued? Read the whole article here:

Najla’s NYC Top 10 for Belly Dancers For


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