BDTA: Belly Dance Stars app (review)

Screenshot of the Belly Dance Stars app

Ever have that feeling of deja vu? The Belly Dance Stars app will give you that “haven’t I see this before?” feeling, and maybe even leave you scratching your head.

Billing itself as “A collection of 10 videos of the Worlds most popular Belly Dance Artistes,” this app simply contains ten videos: three by Shakira, two by Rachel Brice, two by Sadie, one by Didem, one by Aziza, one by Dancing with the Stars (huh?) and a final clip by Super Stars, which I guess means Belly Dance Super Stars. So it’s really a collection of 11 clips, several of which are marked as being from 2008, which leads me to wonder…why?

What does this app give us that YouTube or some of the many beautifully produced dance DVDs don’t already provide? Save your money to buy a CD or DVD from one of the artists in these videos.

Platforms: Android

Recommended by Najla? No.

Price: $1.59

Where can I get it? Download the Belly Dance Stars app here.


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