2011 New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference Recap

2011 Theatrical Bellydance Conference

2011 Theatrical Bellydance Conference

It was really a pleasure to attend, perform and present at the 2011 Theatrical Bellydance Conference. The main event was a 4-day marathon of classes, panels, talks, and stellar performances from 10am-11pm daily! I’ll admit I’m feeling a little separation anxiety after all that quality dance time, but I’m also feeling totally refreshed and inspired by everything I learned and by the incredible (no seriously, INCREDIBLE) people I met at this conference. A big thank you to co-directors Ranya Renee and Anasma, as well as their team, for a wonderful experience.

In lieu of a detailed recap, I pulled some of my favorite workshop notes and pictures from the conference. Hopefully there will be lots more photos up on the official conference site soon. Enjoy! (and share yours if you have them)

Selected workshop notes

  • be a peach
  • no struggle!
  • belly dance is 20 moves + your essence
  • a pose is the punctuation for your movement
  • feel energy, don’t just move planes through space
  • be simple
  • come out like a slingshot
  • the veil will ALWAYS upstage you
  • you have the power to change the mood of the audience
  • stack your body
  • follow through from top to bottom in whatever you do
Najla and Aszmara

Najla and Aszmara

Najla and Ranya Renee

Najla with conference co-director (and fellow Yale alum) Ranya Renee

Wendy Buonaventura, Hanan and Najla

"Orientalism and Dance" panelists Wendy Buonaventura, Hanan and Najla (not pictured, DaVid of Scandinavia and Andrea Anwar)

Najla and DaVid of Scandinavia

Goofing around with DaVid of Scandinavia

Beatbox Guitar Jebon

Dancing to the music of Beatbox Guitar at the conference after-party at Jebon


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