Sole Food Dance Shoe Reviews: “Paw” Style Shoes

Welcome to Sole Food, a review segment for finding the best shoes for your dance needs. Depending on your dance style, costuming, and venue, you need to find the right shoe for the job. Like any costume element, make sure to practice in your shoes before hitting the stage.

“Paw” Style  Shoes

Dance Paws

Dance Paws

What is it? A “paw” style shoe covers the ball of the foot, allowing for an excellent turning surface with a barefoot feel. The soles are usually single or double patches of suede.

What’s it made of? Suede, elastic, breathable synthetic stretch fabric.

What kind of dancers will wear it? Anyone! These are the ultimate in faux shoeless dancewear, and come in a variety of colors and flesh tones so that they practically melt away on stage. As an added bonus, many are washable.

Capezio footUndeez

Capezio footUndeez

What kind of surfaces can I dance on with it? Excellent for hard, smooth, clean surfaces. Do keep in mind that your toes and heels are uncovered and exposed to whatever may be on your dance space’s floor. Not recommended for grass, turf or textured surfaces (blacktop, etc), as the suede and leather on the bottom of the shoe will get damaged.

Who makes it? Dance brands including Bloch, Capezio, Dance Paws, Leo’s, etc.

Sizing tips? Some manufacturers use numbered sizes while others use letter sizes.


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