Najla’s blog for all things belly dance!

Najla is an Egyptian-style belly dance performer and instructor who brings the spirit of the Middle East to New York City and beyond through the beautiful art of belly dance. Her performances focus not only on the joy, entertainment, and excitement of dance, but also on presenting Middle Eastern dance in a positive, culturally-informed light. She has been featured in The New York TimesThe Village Voice, NY1 TVJareeda,HipMix.net, and Woman Around Town, and performs and teaches at various venues in the New York City area. Her research on Middle Eastern dance history has been presented at the Theatrical Bellydance Conference and on the esteemed belly dance website Shira.net.

Najla has been practicing the art of Middle Eastern dance since 2001, and also has over ten years of training and experience in modern, jazz and Broadway-style dance. She was the president of and an instructor/choreographer for the Yale Belly Dance Society for four years and taught private lessons and group classes at Yale University’s Payne Whitney Gym. She currently teaches belly dance classes as an independent instructor and coach in New York City and in Princeton, NJ.


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